Get to know Carneiro Wines

CARNEIRO WINES is a family winery in the Vinhos Verdes region, in Basto. 

With Alberto in charge of the vineyards and Cristiana at the helm of oenology, the family of winegrowers are motivated to create always lovely wines, with the grapes produced in their lands, that are cared for with all dedication.  

100% of our wines are VEGAN FRIENDLY and we are committed to having a SUSTAINABLE WINEGROWING. 

the terroir

Land. The terroir. The GPS point. Where we are from. Where we are. For us, our land is Basto. More precisely Atei, the jewel of the region, bathed by the Tâmega. Fertile land, green, despite being “from trás-os-montes”, with more vines than people. Inland, proud people. We are blessed to live here. 

And that we are blessed to live here. 

The sub-region of Basto is the most inland of the Vinhos Verdes Region, at a high average altitude, thus sheltered from maritime winds. The soil is mostly granite, the perfect terroir for mineral wines. The climate is harsh, with cold and rainy winters and hot and dry summers, favouring most of the white grape varieties, especially Alvarinho, Loureiro, Arinto and Azal. The beauty of this rural area can only be compared to the stunning Tâmega river, which runs alongside all our vineyards. 

The happy coincidence of being in the perfect place to grow the ideal grapes for the wine we want to make. 

Carneiro Family Wines, Terroir

the grapes

Para fazer bom vinho é só preciso ter boas uvas.

E nós temos as melhores: Atei era terra de gado, milho e bom vinho. E essa sabedoria empírica, ganha ao longo dos tempos, não se perde. Só se aperfeiçoa, com as novas técnicas, equipamentos e muita motivação desta família e da equipa que os acompanha desde o início.

Assim, e com a introdução de novas castas brancas, a par do reforço de encepamento das castas tradicionais, cuidadas ao pormenor por todos, permite-nos criar vinhos intensamente frescos mas muito diferentes entre si: o Alvarinho é considerada por muitos a mais nobre casta branca portuguesa; o Azal é uma das castas brancas mais raras em Portugal, e que encontra em Basto o seu perfeito Terroir, o Arinto que é cultivado na nossa região há décadas como blend natural para o Azal; e o Loureiro com as suas características florais intensas fazem de cada um dos vinhos um bouquet perfeito.

Para poder assegurar uma qualidade exemplar e sempre constante, tanto as vinhas como a adega são da CARNEIRO WINES, que assim, pode supervisionar da uva ao copo.

Carneiro Family Wines, Uvas

the family

For us, family is where we are, our home, our origins. The history of our family is intertwined with the history of Basto, always going on in parallel, for centuries. The previous generation, with other ambitions, moved away but kept in touch with Atei. My husband and I, with our children, took the opposite path of returning to our origins. Back to Basto. Back to the vineyards and wine. 

If someone had asked us a few years ago where we would be now, I doubt the answer would have been “in Atei creating wine” but that is how destiny works. Both of us with very different backgrounds became winegrowers of body and soul. Alberto is in charge of the vineyards. Cristiana manages the winery. But both are the enthusiasts behind CARNEIRO WINES. 

There is little else we can say, without going into private details, but those who know us, know our love story, and the will we have to create a future for our children in this beautiful and passionate “way of life” of winegrowing and winemaking. 

Carneiro Family Wines, Familia

the wines

Discover all the wines produced by CARNEIRO WINES, their characteristics, wine varieties, winemaking, gastronomic suggestions, among other particularities.