Tordo Loureiro

TORDO Loureiro

Tordo Loureiro

Tasting Notes

Citrus colour, fresh aromas of floral floral and laurel notes with hints of citrus fruit, light and fresh body, obvious but balanced acidity, with a slight effervescence, it is a very versatile wine.


The Alvarinho grapes are harvested manually in boxes of 25 kgs. Complete destemming and use of pneumatic press. After pressing and before fermentation the must is decanted at low temperature. Alcoholic fermentation with temperature control. No malolactic fermentation or use of wood. Clarification and microfiltration immediately before bottling to ensure the microbiological stability of the wine.

Serving / Storage Info

Service temperature (°C): Serve cold at 8-10ºC
Food suggestions: Perfect with pasta, rice, seafood, fish and white meats
Longevity: Now and for 24 months
Consumption: once opened consume immediately
Recommended storage: in low light environment, without temperature fluctuation, and in vertical position.